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Our Arts Programs

For more than eight years Drums et al has been educating, entertaining and inspiring students and special groups across Ontario. Our programs are interactive and engaging and has many ties to curriculum (Music and History) Also, our presentations not only cover students’ well-being and mental health but also extends to


I Am You


 This workshop shares Nelson Mandela's leadership qualities and principles through anecdotes, stories, quotes, and proverbs. It is designed to awaken the senses of your students towards kindness and humanity. 

 According to the concept of “Ubuntu” there exists a common bond amongst us all. We affirm our humanity when we acknowledge that of others.  

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body


 It is neither an exaggeration nor is it alarmist to claim that there is a mental health crisis today facing Canadian students.  

This presentation is about increasing awareness of the signs of child and youth mental health problems, decreasing stigma, and understanding that help is always available. 

Employing humor, music, history, chants, and anecdotes, we show the students how to live a healthy life starting from their minds. 

Fresh Start


 The first assembly of the academic year is particularly important to every school because it brings the whole community together after the long break. 

 Our sessions demonstrate the “rhythm within” which promotes inclusion and diversity 

 Your school can also choose a theme or message for us to deliver to your students. 

Drummin' Up Ubuntu


 This engaging presentation employs songs, chants, stories, and drumming as vehicles for community building and empowerment.

It is a great way to start off your retreat, conferences or gathering. This is an inter-generational kinesthetic activity that everyone can enjoy regardless of musical ability.

More Assemblies



 Our anti-bullying presentation titled “All Different All Equal” is designed to address bullying on all levels in Ontario schools. 

The goal of this assembly presentation is to help students and young people celebrate what makes them, and others, unique.

It is the right of every student to feel safe and included in the school environment without fear of bullying. This workshop celebrates our differences because experience has shown that bullying usually occurs because of our perceived differences. 

Beating the Odds


Rhythm is a universal language and drumming is very useful when used as a cognitive tool to aid the education of students with special needs.

Drumming can help a special needs child understand emotion through the sounds produced as well as the tempo 

Black Canadian Heroes


  The assembly presentation "Black Canadian Heroes" chronicles the lives and times of Canadians of African descent.  

Drumming and Dance Workshops

Drums Alive!


 This is a team building/bonding workshop designed as a continuation of the character building Ubuntu assembly presentation. 

 The goal here is to build up team spirit and self confidence using African poly-rhythm as  rhythm is not a science or art-form; it is an extension of our humanity.

Developmental Drumming


 Our developmental drumming workshop focuses on drumming and the energy it creates. It is fun, dynamic, creative, and exciting.

 Playing a drum or percussion instrument can also be a useful way to communicate non verbally and to “listen” to another person’s nonverbal communication.

 Participating in a drumming activity can help a child feel safe enough to express his/her feelings.

Stepping Through Diversity


 This is a hands-on dance workshop that introduces the fundamentals and basics of West-African dance.

 The dance instructor would work with a “crew” (class) in the teaching of West-African dance and then perform with those students for the rest of the school. Again, the entire school gets the opportunity to enjoy the program.

Tales by Moonlight


 This is a simulation of the ancient African tradition of gathering children under the moonlight not only for the exercise of storytelling but also the cognitive exercise of solving riddles.

 This is to give a kaleidoscopic view of Africa from the eyes of an African Child.

The Griot's Journey


 An exciting and colorful journey into African History told through myths, epics, odysseys, and folktales.

 Being exposed to oral history and the role of the Griot (the ancient historian) will challenge them to think beyond their own experiences regarding cultures outside the coasts of North America.  Knowledge is Power!

Drumming Workshop

Check out this great video

Corporate Team Building


Workers are Valued

Leading fortune 500 companies identify their workers as the most crucial resources vital to the success of their various organisations

Healthy Individuals = Healthy Business

Emphasis has always been made to put the workforce in the forefront of every corporate policy.


For the company to be profitable, the workforce needs to be operating at a very high mental and psychological level.

Escape the Routine

Drum et al workshops have been designed to be a means of emotional escape for individuals in corporate environments 

Communicate With Colleagues

Drumming is a universal expression that relieves stress and acts as a catalyst for teambuilding, improved communication and greater cooperation amongst colleagues.

Unique and United

Every workplace is unique, and we have a unique approach to every corporate institution.


We aim to break down cliques to create a more open organization and link each worker to a common goal, a common mission and a common vision. We guarantee effective building through our drum workshop and interactive drum performances.

Rhythm Brings Us Together

We celebrate leadership, diversity, and cooperation.

Through rhythm, your organization will discover that the whole is greater than the sum of all its individual parts.

Senior Drumming Programs


Drumming is a great exercise for seniors

  • decreased anxiety and depression
  • improved motor skills
  • improved joint mobility/dexterity
  • improved linguistic ability
  • increased energy
  • improved immunity
  • decrease in boredom
  • new social connections
  • stress relief
  • improved muscle and bone mass
  • improved posture


Drumming and Storytelling


 In African culture, drumming and story-telling are part of the celebration of life, most especially its cycles and seasons This entertaining program uses the African cultural arts of interactive story-telling, Dance and hand drumming to teach and motivate children. The audience participates actively in simple call and response songs, this includes drumming rhythm and dance.

Summer Camp/Daycare


We have programs designed for summer camps and daycare. This could be drumming, storytelling, or dance workshops. This could be for a day or a series of sessions.