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Babarinde founded Drums et al as a means to reach out to his community and it is now being run as a full time venture.

Baba began creating music at 3 years old and today he is a drummer and a multi-instrumentalist.



Ever since she can remember, dance has always one of Lee-Aasha's passions. From dancing at family celebrations to creating an Afro Caribbean dance company, she believes that dancing is the hidden language of the soul. She has been lead from teaching children and adults at established gyms and community centers to learning and performing with dance companies all over the world.

Fashion designer by day and dancer through the night, she is a creative that aspires to promote health and positivity!



 Lydia is African-Canadian and has been dancing since elementary school. She combines ancient African dance steps with modern dance music which she has dubbed "Afrobeats". 

Lydia has been featured in a variety of festivals all over the world and enjoys representing Canada.