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Types of African Drums


Djembe Drum

These drums are usually one to two feet in height with a diameter of seven to fourteen inches. They have a surface made of goatskin and a body made of smooth, finished wood. The body often has patterns hand-carved into it and the goatskin is attached with thin, colorful ropes. These ropes can be tightened and loosened to stretch the skin and alter the frequency of the sounds produced.

The djembe drum, is played with one hand at a time. When struck in the center, the drum emits a low frequency sound called a bass. When is is struck towards the outer edges, it emits a slightly higher-pitched sound called a tone, and when it is struck directly on the outer rim, it emits an even higher-pitched sound called a slap. It is important to note that all three of these sounds are usually between 65Hz and 1000Hz.

Talking Drum (Dundun)

The talking drum is significantly smaller than the Djembe drum and is played with a curved rod as opposed to the hands.






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Common Drumming Chants

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