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Our Mission Statement

To use the art of music, dance, and drumming as a vehicle for character development, leadership, and mental well-being.


What is Drums et al?

Based in the Durham region of Ontario, but operating worldwide, Drums et al works closely with local communities and corporate institutions using the positive power of drumming to deliver quality benefits to individuals and groups. Drums et al empowers individuals and assists them in discovering the universal language of rhythm. The organisation cuts across racial, religious and social barriers. At Drums et al, “many hands” beating one drum creates this universal language to achieve a unified goal within the multicultural Canadian fabric.

We combine electric rhythms and high energy dances of West Africa to create an unbeatable interactive audience experience. Our dynamic drumming delivers explosive African drum and dance performances, opportunities for team building, drumming, dance workshops and classes. At Drums et al, our group drumming classes are dynamic and participants take an active role in creating and experiencing a concert-like performance.

An Idea Worth Spreading

Watch as Babarinde Williams discusses African culture and it's role in today's Western world.

Hit play to discover the innate rhythm within all of us through the hidden world of alternative percussion.

Experience Drums Etal



Based in Durham Ontario, but operating internationally, Drums et al works closely with Ontario school boards, educational organizations, corporate institutions, and local communities.

We transfer the positive power of group drumming to individuals, bringing people closer together and inspiring them to reach out.



Since 2011, Drums et al has been educating, entertaining and inspiring individuals across Ontario. Our programs are interactive, engaging and strongly tied to the educational curriculum.

Our presentations not only cover students’ physical and mental health, but also extend to character development, leadership, and cultural appreciation.



"What a phenomenal presentation! You integrated music, storytelling and media very effectively. Our students learned so much about Nelson Mandela and the concept of "Ubuntu". I will use what I have learned to further expand upon this concept in following classroom lessons." - Patti Muir, Grade 3 teacher, Oshawa, ON.

The Founder

Babarinde "Baba" Williams

Drummer and multi-instrumentalist, Babarinde Williams “Baba” is the founder and CEO of Drums et al. He was born in the coastal city of Ebute-Metta (literally translated: 3 shores) one of the satellite cities that make up the mega city of Lagos, Africa’s equivalent of New York City. He was recognized as a drumming prodigy at a very tender age and started performing with local, recreational, amateur and semi-professional group in his neighbourhood.

Baba has played in a variety of environments. He has featured as djembe soloist at different concerts and productions. He has also been involved in Theater, chorales, and studio recordings across 3 continents of the world.

For two decades he has been a positive force in the drumming community of Ontario. He is regarded as one of Canada’s most prolific and respected drumming instructors and has facilitated numerous workshops in and around his home province of Ontario.

Baba has received honours and awards from leading community and political figures from Premiers to councilors and the list keeps growing. He has used his knowledge and skills to assist the challenged and underprivileged. He has been described as a selfless and dedicated cultural ambassador and a respected representative of the African community. He spends time at risk youths and has also given his time and effort to improve the lots of the less privileged.